AIS France’s highest pride is to treat your metals in optimum conditions as regards to your requirements and to our time’s societal environment. This is why the steel sorting company AIS France is certified ISO 18001v2009, ISO 14001: 2009, and ISO 9001v2009. Detail of AIS France’s certifications:

ISO 9001v2009

The ISO 9001 standard guarantees that AIS France keeps a sound professional relationship with its partners and establishes strong inter-company links. By being certified AIS France: 

-Satisfies its clients’ quality requirements 

-Satisfies all applicable regulatory requirements 

-Improves its client’s satisfaction 

-Constantly improves its performances.

Steel company ISO 9001

AIS France is nature-friendly ISO 14001: 2009

The ISO standard is internationally recognized as the guarantee that environmental norms and requirements are respected. That norm allows AIS France to claim that it respects environment and helps your company getting a better environmental and ecological policy.

steel iso 14001

A company certified 18 001 to guarantee a safe work environment ISO 18001v2009

The OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) is an internationally recognized health and safety at work certification. The 18001 norm guarantees that AIS France constantly keeps improving health and safety conditions for its employees.